Haryana budget March-2016 some suggestions

Author: CA Atul Gupta/ CA Virender Chauhan

Play Board Industry

The taxation of ply-board industry in the State is an area requiring attention.

The production data of the industry suggests that the VAT might not have been captured correctly – as a broad view, the production data for each machine in a standard factory and an average market price of Rs.40 per sq. ft. of a ply, the output value should be Rs. 6.45 Cr. while usually the factories declare less than 1.5 Cr. of turnover. bThough there is a composition scheme in Haryana for plyboard industry – tax is levied on per machine basis, our view is that there is a need to look into present taxation scheme and its appropriateness.


Author: Atul Gupta,
(Member, Management of Public Finance)

    • Modern tax systems need to ensure ease of doing business by the tax payers.
    • In the present system, tax payers come across many issues like ambiguity in the law, not getting proper interface with the authority and not knowing to whom to contact for their tax issues.
    • We recommend setting up ‘Authority for Tax Payers Services and Grievances Redressal’ (ATSGR) to address issues of the taxpayers and to improve effectiveness in tax administration and enhance compliance with the tax law