About GVF

The Global Village Foundation (GVF) is a fledgling research institute working in the field of framing, implementation assistance and assessment of public policies in the States as well as at the level of Center in India. GVF is a registered public trust under the Indian Trust Act, 1882 primarily engaged in social and economic research.

Chairperson’s Note

Global Village Foundation was established in January 2015 with a mission to provide research based, efficient and appropriate policy frameworks. The driving force of our organization is to achieve an equitable society sustained by holistic and responsive development.


In the past year, we have worked with the state government of Haryana and achieved many a milestones. GVF is engaged in capacity building of government officials through specific and general programs. Many of the subjects on which GVF has worked have been implemented in Haryana. We have successfully persuaded NASSCOM to facilitate skill development of youth in Haryana with an aim to create 50000 jobs in the ITes companies. GVF has been appointed as a nodal agency to facilitate this process under a Memorandum of Understanding entered into between Technical Education Department, Government of Haryana, NASSCOM Foundation and GVF. The suggestion of amnesty scheme under Haryana Value Added Tax to release amounts clogged in court proceedings was given by GVF and this too has been implemented.

After thorough research, a range of suggestions has been made by GVF on Education, Industry Reforms and Public Finance. These policy suggestions have been given to the State Government from time to time. The success of these suggestions has been widely reported and acknowledged in media.

GVF is actively involved on issues relating to power sector, industrial policy and education in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has adopted the policy suggestions of the GVF in their Industrial Policy. The policy suggestions so adopted involve streamlining the single window system to facilitate ease of doing business. University of Jammu &Kashmir has signed an MoU with Concentrix with the efforts of GVF for the skill development of its students from the CSR fund of the company.

This report provides a picture of the many out reach programs we will work in our future. We aspire to involve and inspire dialogue from all stakeholders concerned through this message.


GVF works in the field of framing of public policies, advising in implementation of public policies and academic analysis assessment and publication. GVF is involved in economic and social policies and capacity building of Government officers. It brings in experts from different fields to give inputs in policies for improving governance and also engages in executive training programme. The objectives of both the organizations are same. GVF has earned expertise and name in a short duration.

Organization Structure

The GVF functions through a structure at the following levels.

  • Advisory Council
  • Board of Trustees
  • Governing Body
  • Fellows
  • Researchers


Areas of Expertise

GVF works on following areas of policy at present.

Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Rural Welfare:

Advised the Government of Haryana and accordingly helped the Government in constituting clusters of 10-15 villages in each district. These clusters would be specialized in producing agricultural products and agro processing based on market demands. They all will be diverse depending on the ecological zone of the region. There are efforts made for market linkages to ensure sound income for the farmers.

Skill Development:

GVF has earned accolades in this field. It has succeeded in entering into MOU with NASSCOM Foundation, which is a nodal association in the IT industry. GVF is organizing a Summit of IT CEOs and is going to take commitments from them to skill and employ a certain number of students from Haryana each year. GVF is working on similar lines in the automobile sector and other skill for ensuring self employment.

Energy Sector Reforms:

GVF has done a comprehensive study of losses suffered in generation, transmission and distribution of power and on renewable sources. GVF is currently preparing a comprehensive study with reforms to be suggested in all the related aspects of energy. The comprehensive study is important. The Aggregate Technical and Commercial Losses are more than 40%. This is a sign of concern since it is affecting the fiscal health of the state and public interest. Due to this fiscal drain the State is unable to use the resources for social and other economical development activities. Immediate steps need to be taken to address these problems. GVF has a dedicated team of experts with detailed knowledge of the problems in the power sector companies. The study will be watershed in the field. It will have a strong impact and needs to be urgently addressed. A comprehensive study on the power sector will be opportune.

Public Finance (Budget Preparation and Tax Reforms):

The Public Finance team of GVF comprises of tax experts, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, lawyers and economists of high standing. GVF conducted a one day interactive session with the concerned officers of Excise, Taxation, Revenue and Planning Department of Government of Haryana. Honourable Finance Minister Captain Abhimanyu was present at this interaction. The workshop took place on 7 January 2015. Some of the recommendations such as Amnesty Scheme for VAT has been already implemented by the State Government.

Industry Reforms (Large, MSME, Innovation and Start-ups):

The Industry Reforms team of GVF is comprehensive. It has experts with experience in large companies, MSME, innovation and start-ups. The team involves academics, economists and industrialists. GVF did a two day workshop on 17 and 18 December 2015 on Industry Reforms in Haryana. Honourable Industry Minister Captain Abhimanyu was present in the workshop and all concerned government officers also actively participated. The outcome of the meeting was meant to be presented to the Honourable Chief Minister.

GVF is doing the project of conducting District wise profiling for the State of Haryana. This will held in understanding the strengths of regions of Haryana where industry has not yet grown. Resources could be allocated better and balanced regional growth would be achieved. There is a need to hire 10 researches to conduct this research. The grant would include their salaries, ta/da and other expenses. Detailed primary date will be collected from all the districts. Secondary data will be analyzed. A report will be prepared and submitted. This report will help in understand the situation of industry better in Haryana and making necessary changes in policies.

Advising on Investor Summit (Happening Haryana 2016):

GVF is involved in the overall planning and specific teams constituted for conducting the Happening Haryana Summit 2016. GVF is actively engaged in these activities and supports government with expert advice.

Women Empowerment and Beti Bachao Beti Padhao:

GVF works in close coordination with the Adviser to Chief Minister Shri Yogendra Malik and has assisted in organizing groups of workers in different regions of Haryana with low sex ratio. GVF has made many suggestions in this direction which are showing impressive results.

Public Health:

GVF is advising the Central Government on public health. GVF is advising the Honourable Health Minister Shri J P Naddha on budgetary provisions and management.

Urban Development:

GVF has a team working on issues of Urban Development. GVF is now actively involved in helping Karnal and Faridabad for their SMART City project after the first round.


GVF is working to develop cooperative culture in Haryana. A team is constituted, which is working on ways in which difficulties in registration and operation for cooperatives can be taken care of.

Research & Publications:

The research and publication group of GVF comprises of people with graduate and postgraduate qualifications in their areas of expertise from renowned universities over the world. The members of this team have published in international journals published by Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press and journals published by the World Bank. Our members have published innumerable books and articles. GVF would be soon coming out with its own publication.

Capacity Building of Government Officials:

GVF is in a position to conduct training of government officials for transitioning into the GST Regime. Members of GVF have conducted training sessions on GST in different parts of the country. There are other areas of training of government officials on which GVF is working.