How do Residents of Delhi view the Threat of Pollution?

Author: Amit Soni

This study was undertaken in the winter of 2015 to assess selected environmental conditions in the National Capital Region (NCR). The study was motivated by the public anxiety with the high level of smog during winters causing acute respiratory problems in the NCR. The degradation of another natural resource in NCR, river Yamuna, has been such that it has become dangerous for human consumption. The residents of NCR have also been subjected to mass level destruction of green cover during the Commonwealth games in 2010 organized by the then Congress party led government[i]. The aim of this study is modest. It is to conduct a survey to systematically understand the dynamics of environmental concerns of citizens of NCR and assess what specifically they are willing to contribute in monetary terms for the protection of natural resources in their immediate areas. In general, it is imperative to know the economic worth of environmental resources so that we can have a true measure of economic growth by subtracting the depreciation of natural resource if the natural resource gets affected in the development process. The value of these resources can only be computed indirectly through the techniques like CVM as it cannot be known through market mechanism. Read More…

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